Gift A Tree

We have selected 11 of our favourite endemic forest tree species for you to choose from. The tree species you select and sponsor in honour / celebration of a loved one, will be planted out in one of reforestation projects in the Garden Route, with a range of other species, in bio-mimicked indigenous forest patches that emulate the natural forest biome of the area.  

Thank you for choosing Precious Tree Project to Gift A Tree on behalf of another. In doing so, you are helping us not only to assist the natural reforestation process along the Garden Route and all the direct and indirect benefits that it comes with, but you are also choosing a Gift on behalf of another that has a low environmental impact too.  

How it Works

1) choose a precious tree,
2) select the type of gift card,
3) enter your details,
4) enter the details of the person receiving your gift card,
5) enter your special message,
6) place your order,
7) on receipt of your order, we will send them a digital gift card with your special message
8) we plant your tree in a bio-mimicked forest patch along the Garden Route
9) once your sponsored tree has been planted out, we will send you a digital “Certificate of Contribution” with the GPS co-ordinates.

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