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Tree Planting and Environmental Awareness Initiative – Thembalethu High School

Tree Planting and Environmental Awareness Initiative – Thembalethu High School Precious Tree Project

SITE #15: Thembalethu High School

The school is located in Thembalethu in George and has approximately 1300 learners (Grade 8 to Grade 12). As a no-fee institution, funds for maintenance and development are limited. Community fundraising to bring in additional funding for maintenance, upkeep, etc. is essential but very limited from within the community therefore the school relies on external sponsors for assistance.

There is an existing food kitchen that feeds all the learners daily. The school has recently been subsidised a small vegetable garden that is well maintained by the caretaker. Ongoing maintenance and supply of vegetable seedlings/seeds will be required to keep the garden going. Limited composting of garden refuse is done on site.

There is a small team of ground staff who are responsible for the general maintenance of the school grounds and who have designated responsibilities for the upkeep of the grounds.

A limited number of water tanks are installed on the school grounds – providing adequate water storage and accessible watering points around the school for the watering of the trees.

Thank you World Memon Organisation for your ongoing support and investment in the health of our youth, and educating them on the importance of trees and our natural environment in our own health and well-being.

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Click here if you would like to GIFT A TREE OR visit to make a donation or sponsor a tree.

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