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Broom Cluster Fig

Ficus sur Forssk

Family: Moraceae

Common names: broom cluster fig (Eng.); besem-trosvy (Afr.); mogo-tshetlo (North Sotho); umkhiwane (Xhosa); umkhiwane (Zulu)


  • The female wasp has been observed to lay her eggs in special infertile flowers as well as pollinating the fertile flowers and gathering pollen in special sacs.
  • It is also very interesting that each species of fig has its own specific species of wasp that pollinates it.
  • The seed is small and swallowed together with the fruit by the many birds and mammals.
  • Seeds are dispersed through the faeces of the animal (distributing the species further afield)


  • Sacred religions and spiritual rituals are performed under this tree (Middle East).
  • Milky latex used for burns and conjuntivitus (folk remedy)
  • It is believed to have magical powers and is used in many rituals by local people.
  • The tree is also used as a magical cure for boils.
  • A combo of leaves and bark concoction/preparation administered to cows with poor milk production to stimulate milk production.
  • The root of the tree is reportedly used to assist when a cow retains part of the placenta after giving birth.
  • lung and throat problems are treated using the milky latex found in live growth.

Practical Uses

  • Fig jam (or preserve)  has been can also be made from the fruits.
  • Local people claim that the fruits which form on the roots are the sweetest.
  • The wood is used as a base by bushmen as part of the equipment necessary when igniting fire by friction.
  • The wood has been used for making mortars for grinding flour as well as making drums.
  • Has been used to make brake blocks and bed boards for ox wagons.
  • Used most extensively as a shade tree in current times.
  • The inner bark is used to make rope

Image: sanbi.org

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