MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet Program

MySchool has become synonymous with Woolworths shoppers and is currently the primary merchant in MSMVMP Program where many are swiping their cards and bringing in funds for PTP and numerous other beneficiaries. There are FOUR other merchants in this program where you can also “swipe” your card and we get to benefit..

The percentage of the purchase value they give to us on your behalf, varies between each merchant. The MSMVMP team are on the continual lookout to bring in more merchants into the system so we will keep you updated when they do.

10% of all proceeds received  from this Rewards Program received are allocated to Our Small Grants Fund. Watch this space!

How it Works

You need to register into the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet program which will obtain you a shoppers card.

There are two types of cards:
1. A Virtual Card – which you will receive on your phone.
2. A physical Card  – which can either be obtained through one of our MySchool PTP Marketers or posted from our Regional offices, depending on the method of registration.

There are different ways to register into the MySchool Program and receive your MySchool Card, so choose one that best works for you:

1) Register and obtain the Virtual Shoppers Card 

In an ongoing effort towards a plastic and paper free society, MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet have introduced the VIRTUAL CARD system with their MySchool App and this can be presented at the tills off your mobile phone.

This is the easiest and faster way to register and activate your shoppers card.


a) Download the Myschool App on your phone through the Apple or PlayStore
b) Complete the Registration details
c) Choose PTP (Western Cape, George) as one of your beneficiaries during the sign up process 
d) You will be presented with a Virtual Card in your App (which you present at the till when paying)

2) Register and obtain a Physical Shoppers Card

If you do not want to go with a virtual card and would like to use the option of a physical card, you can do so in two ways:

1. Register through a Marketer


a) Whatsapp/SMS  072614 8093 Name and Surname requesting a pre-allocated card number.
b) The marketer will send you a pre-allocated card number and a registration link to your phone.
c) Click on this link to register into the program using your pre-allocated card number. 
d) Select PTP as a beneficiary when you register.
e) This card will be either posted to the address details provided on registration or handed directly over to you by a marketer.

2. Register using our Electronic PDF by clicking on the following download link and filling in the details, selecting PTP as one of your beneficiaries and email your application to

Your card will be posted to the address details provided on registration

3. Register through the MySchool Website by clicking on JOIN and filling in your details. Fill in Precious Tree Project (George, WC) as one of your selected beneficiaries during your sign up process.

Your card will be posted to the address details provided on registration.

Useful Tips

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