About Us

Learn more about Precious Tree Project, our mission & vision, our various projects & programs and about our active group of volunteers from across the globe who pitch up and get involved with our initiatives on a regular monthly basis.

About Precious Tree Project

Precious Tree Project (PTP) was established in July 2010, in Wilderness, out of the long term observation and recognition of the very real need to address climate change and the state of our natural environment. It  was clear we needed to focus on the regeneration/regrowth of existing endemic and indigenous forest patches along the Garden Route (GR). For a multitude of reasons. Between 2010 and 2017 we concentrated on creating /recreating mini bio-mimicked endemic forest patches on private properties and smallholdings.

Definition of Precious: has great value, not to be wasted or treated carelessly – Oxford Dictionary

In 2017 we restructured PTP and “branched out” into a range of tree-planting initiatives for private land-owners, schools, corporate companies and small businesses. After the fires of June 2017, the decision was taken to convert PTP into a non-profit organisation (NPO 206-255) and restructure the way we do things in order to more effectively address the socio-economic and environmental challenges we are facing here.  We have set up a number of programs in order to address and overcome these challenges. Learn more about The Garden Route and its Challenges

Projects & Programs

Our vision is the regenerative development of the GR and the funds received are allocated to a range of programs and projects geared to achieve this vision. These projects & programs are ongoing and include:


If we want to plant out millions of trees, we need teams of planters to plant them out. To this end, we have created and are building teams of young local community members to participate in out tree planting and invasive tree clearing activities. This is an essential component of our vision insofar as we are creating employment opportunities for the local youth who otherwise struggle to find work in this seasonal economy. Learn more.

Mini-Satellite Nurseries

Growing and maintaining saplings under the same environmental and climatic conditions in which they will be planted out increases the rate of survival and also reduces the carbon footprint around transporting them to site. To this end we have established a number of mini-satellite nurseries along the Garden Route where many landowners in the community have shown a keen interest in participating in our vision! Learn more.


We have an active group of volunteers from across the globe who pitch up and get involved with our initiatives on a regular monthly basis – where they eagerly help clear invasive saplings, germinate seeds, ring bark non-indigenous trees in our riverines and plant precious indigenous forest trees.

We call them our VIP’s (Very Important Planters) since they show up with a spade/axe/panga or watering can, great enthusiasm, high energy levels and enormous gratitude for the opportunity to connect to our natural environment. Thank you, all of you – young and not-as-young, for helping us clear, maintain, nourish, feed and help our forests grow!

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