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Bringing in consistent funding and donations into Precious Tree Project, as a not-for-profit organisation, can be very challenging. Particularly so when budgets are restricted, cashflow is low, the economy is suffering, and so on. Not to mention the other equally important charitable organisations across the country that also require financial support though sponsorship and donations. There are many incredible and worthy causes out there to support. While many individuals would like to support environmental, animal and human causes close to their heart, and more regularly than they do, time and/or money-to-charity is not always an available to them.

Precious Tree Project has been focusing on ways to bring in funds that do not involve financial contributions or fees! Our research has shown that a very effective way to do so, is by benefiting from our collective spending and shopping activities. When you sign up into one or both of our Shopping Rewards Programs, Precious Tree Project gets a percentage of your total shopping value every time you “swipe”. There are no costs involved on your side and both programs, in fact, offer additional benefits to you.

Our goal is 100 000 shoppers who are committed to spending a percentage of their budget at one of the many merchants partnering in our rewards programs!

We have partnered up with TWO Shopping Rewards Programs where PTP and its Community Rewards “Non Profit Partners” will benefit every time you shop! Registration is free!

With your consistent participation, where every swipe/mobile scan counts, our reforestation projects can go a long way in assisting the natural rehabilitation of our forest biome, increasing biodiversity, expanding the natural haven for our wildlife.

There are a number of  other animal and environmental causes in the Garden Route that are also in need of funding and that are aligned with our own vision of health and upliftment for all living in the Garden Route … animals and humans alike.  We have therefore partnered up with a number of these causes to help us expand our shopping rewards community and who, in doing so, will become beneficiaries themselves of the funds PTP receives from your participation.

All you need to do is sign up into either one or both of the rewards programs below and we will receive a percentage of your total shopping value.  The best way to select the program you would like to join is to see which merchants in each program you shop at on a regular basis, download the app and register. No fees involved.

So join in and help us achieve our own goals of protecting our natural environment and our animals with out any cost to you … just your participation! HAPPY, MINDFUL SHOPPING!

The MySchoolMyVillageMyPlanet is a national shopping program where we benefit from your shopping at  Woolworths, Engen, Waltons, Reggies, Altech Netstar, Toys R Us, QuickShop, and Builders Warehouse.  This program offers a range of  reWards benefits from Woolworths.

If you already have a MySchool card, all you need to do is to add Precious Tree Project as a beneficiary to your existing list.

Click here for registering with MySchool

The myWorld Benefits Program is an international shopping program and has over 150 000 merchants in the system of which over 1000 are South African companies (key merchants like P&P, Checkers, Macro, Game, Builders Warehouse, local  SME’s and many online merchants). This program also offers numerous shopping benefits (Shopping Points AND cashback into your bank account) each time you purchase from a merchant in the system.  Registration is free.

Click here for registering with myWorld Benefits Program

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