Precious Tree Project

Assisting Reforestation and Socio-Eco Regeneration in the Garden Route

Precious Tree Project is a small local non-profit initiative that concentrates on creating patches of Forest, by planting indigenous and endemic Forest Trees in The Garden Route. We`re on a mission to grow & plant millions of indigenous & endemic trees in the Garden Route; while addressing job creation, local economic & community development, social upliftment, preservation of local animal life, climate change and sustainability.

We concentrate on creating bio-mimicked patches of indigenous forests as we plant out endemic forest trees along the Garden Route.

The Garden Route, although lush with vegetation, has about 50% of its indigenous forest left. Our long term goal is to improve that figure significantly. By planting different species of indigenous forest trees in “bio-mimicked” mixed lots, we are emulating the wondrous biosphere of a mature indigenous Forest.

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