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Tree Planting and Environmental Awareness Initiative – Kretzenshoop Primary School

WMO Kretzenshoop Primary School - Precious Tree Project

SITE #16: Kretzenshoop Primary School

Kretzenshoop Primary is located in Blanco, in George. The school has approximately 800 learners. This established little school is well-maintained on the limited funds provided by the Department of Education and is a public primary school. The school is a Section 21 school, meaning it is allocated limited finances by the Department (for staff salaries) and is responsible for ordering stationery, text books, paying water and lights accounts, and undertaking their own maintenance under ABCDE functions, and is classified under quintile 1 as a no-fee institution.

There is a small food kitchen that can feed approximately 400 learners daily which is supported by a newly created small-scale vegetable garden (currently not sufficient to supply the food kitchen with all of its requirements). The majority of the learners attending do not have a pre-packed lunch as they reside in a low-income bracket community in which the school is situated.

There is a groundsman who currently handles the general maintenance of the school grounds, and in collaboration with the learners’ maintenance schedule, will handle the overall management of the sponsored trees.

Thank you World Memon Organisation for your ongoing support and investment in the health of our youth, and educating them on the importance of trees and our natural environment in our own health and well-being!

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Click here if you would like to GIFT A TREE OR visit to make a donation or sponsor a tree.

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