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Ray Nolan

PTP Founder, Project Coordinator at Specialized Solar Systems
082 935 3370

Ray has been involved in the implementation of renewable energy systems for nearly twenty years.  He entered this field in order to promote and encourage the supply and use of energy through alternative measures other than through fossil fuels (and the high carbon footprint around it). In 2010 he started Precious Tree Project with the intention of recreating endemic forest areas in Wilderness Heights – seeing it as the most sustainable way to address carbon offsetting and mitigation. He is the Chairperson of PTP.

Melissa Dalton

Manages Precious Tree Project
084 490 8876

Melissa specialises in Training and Education in holistic health and wellbeing. She has a BA (Education) degree and is a qualified Naturopath. She has spent 20 years raising awareness – through a range of accredited  workshops, consultations and courses – around the need to address the state of our natural environment, especially if we wish to address the quality of our lives here on Earth and those of generations to come. In 2017 she converted PTP into a Public Benefit Organisation and is its Administrator and Public Officer.

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Every tree you sponsor goes towards regenerating and expanding natural endemic forest areas along the Garden Route. Not only are you growing forests, you are also contributing to the PTP Workforce, and the daily upkeep of our mini-satellite nurseries where all the magic happens before we plant out the trees.