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African Holly

Ilex mitis (L.) Radlk

Family: Aquifoliaceae

Common names: African holly, Cape holly, wild holly, water tree (Eng.); waterboom, waterhout, without (Afr.); monamane (Northern Sotho); iPhuphuma (Zulu), umDuma (Xhosa); liBota (Swazi); phukgu, phukgile (Southern Sotho); mutanzwa-khamelo (Venda


  • In the red fruit attracts many species of birds living in the Garden Route Knysna Forests.
  • In the Knysna Forests, elephants show a particular liking for the leaves.

Practical Uses

  • When the leaves are rubbed together they give a lather and used as a substitute for soap by woodcutters in the past and by the Zulus (reflected in the name iPhuphuma, meaning ‘it foams out‘).
  • The Venda have also used the lather for washing purposes (translated means ‘milk-pail washer‘).
  • The wood has been used in the construction of wagons for buckboards and spokes and for heels of ladies shoes.
  • The wood is a popular choice for handles and furniture.


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