Gift an indigenous forest tree in honour of a loved one from our selection of indigenous tree species and help us preserve and maintain the status of our beautiful Garden Route as a natural biosphere.

Our online Gift Shop is an opportunity to sponsor a precious tree as your gift to another.

Gifting a precious indigenous tree is an opportunity to choose a present that has a low carbon footprint and will also assist us achieving our vision of planting out millions of trees.

Our reforestation efforts in the Garden Route provides a vehicle not only to health up our natural environment, expand the wildlife corridors, restore biodiversity and reduce the ongoing threats of fire in the area, but an opportunity to create and maintain our local young workforce and promote local socio-economic development in the Garden Route. Learn how you can support us!

To Gift at Tree – simply select and click on the Tree Species of your choice below, enter your details on the form, select the number of trees you would like to sponsor and add to your cart. Under ‘Description’, you can also learn more about each tree species and the precious gifts they give to life on earth!

Art for Nature is an avenue for us to raise awareness around and bring exposure to some amazing artists living in the Garden Route area – for the benefit of TREES and ANIMALS. For information on each item in the gallery, simply click on each piece.

Showing 1–24 of 54 results

Showing 1–24 of 54 results