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Tree Planting and Environmental Awareness Initiative – George High School

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SITE #13: George High School

The school is located in LeVallia, George, and was established in 1947. It currently has approximately 1600 learners (Grade 8 to Grade 12) with a school hostel which provides student accommodation for a limited number of learners. The school is a public secondary school, is a no-fee institution and relies on the limited funds provided by the Department of Education. Community fundraising to bring in additional income into the school is required but opportunities to do so are limited from within the community itself.

There are a number of existing trees around the school grounds but many of them are non-indigenous trees. A number of the latter have been chopped down and the trunks used as seating for the learners around the school grounds.

There is an existing food kitchen that feeds all the learners daily, including meals for the hostel residents. The school is in the process of creating an area near the hostel for a fruit garden. The garden is in the early stages of design and its establishment is in process and in line with the Agricultural Sciences curriculum.

There is a small team of ground-staff who are responsible for the general maintenance of the school grounds and who are available to oversee the trees in collaboration with the Agricultural Sciences learners.

Thank you World Memon Organisation for your ongoing support and investment in our youth and facilitating the awareness on the importance of trees and our natural environment in our own health and well-being.

Click here if you would like to GIFT A TREE OR visit to make a donation or sponsor a tree.

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