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Gift a Tree

Gift a Tree - Wilderness Heights Wildlife Corridor 25 March 2023

A forest pocket of gifted trees

Sponsorships and donations in support of our wildlife corridor rehabilitation and assisted reforestation endeavours come in a number of ways. One of these is our Gift-a-Tree platform where you can gift a tree to a bio-mimicked forest pocket planted out in one of our wildlife corridors in honour of a loved one… honouring a birthday, a promotion, an anniversary or a life lived.

Gifting a Tree in our wildlife corridors in celebration of another simultaneously supports the ongoing rehabilitation activities in our local wildlife corridors. So, if you would like to Gift a tree to a special person in celebration of a birthday, an anniversary or in honour of their life, simply click here.

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After Action Satisfaction


The “Shamboh” Wildlife Corridor in Wilderness Heights has been one of our focal sites of ongoing rehabilitation over the past few years. Returning to the area to continue clearing out aliens and then coming back to plant out another mini-forest brings with it the opportunity to observe the natural reforestation taking place in the corridor in between our assisted reforestation efforts, as well as the satisfaction of seeing the growth of the mini-forest pockets we have planted out in previous sessions.

Each planting session is a labour of love taken on by our volunteers and becomes an exercise of short term fun for medium and long term gain. All made possible by your individual sponsors via our Gift-a-Tree platform. Thank you!

Click here if you would like to sponsor an indigenous South African forest tree towards our wildlife corridors in the Garden Route OR visit

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The Breath of Giving and Receiving

breathe of giving and receiving precious tree project tree planting gift a tree

Lindsay Durham gifted her longtime and special friend, Clairabella, an Outeniqua Yellowwood for her 80th birthday. As a surprise, she also organised with Precious Tree Project that Clairabella get to plant her gift out in our Wilderness Heights Wildlife Corridor.

This is the beautiful and heartfelt message captured by Lindsay in the video below.

Thank you for your encouraging words and wisdom!


By gifting a tree you are helping us not only to assist the natural reforestation process along the Garden Route and all the direct and indirect benefits that it comes with, but you are also choosing a Gift on behalf of another that has a low environmental impact too. We have selected 11 of our favourite endemic forest tree species for you to choose from to sponsor in honour / celebration of a loved one, which will be planted out with a range of other species, in bio-mimicked indigenous forest patches that emulate the natural forest biome of the area.

If you would like to sponsor a tree for a loved one click here to gift a tree.

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Biodiversity, Forest Rehabilitation and Indigenous Landscaping

Biodiversity, forest rehabilitation and indigenous landscaping

Our primary focus is the assisted reforestation of identified wildlife corridors in the region. The need to address biodiversity through assisted reforestation, however, is not limited to the wildlife corridors we have identified. There is a rapid rise in residential developments on small holdings that fall within the Afromontane forest biome of the region, where existing indigenous forest patches and endemic plant species are continuously removed to make space for residential developments. Many landowners fail to restore the natural forest biome around their homes post the construction phase. The accumulative loss of biodiversity as a result is a concerning one and not often addressed by the designing team, the property developer or homeowner in the building process.

This month an intern currently studying Environmental Design at Stellenbosch University, Hano du Plessis (featured image), shadowed us in our daily activities for a week, which included joining in on our July monthly volunteer planting session in the Wilderness Heights Wildlife Corridor.

When asked what his primary take-away was from his week with us, this is how he responded: “How Being made aware of the incredible importance of designing-around-nature and landscaping with endemic and indigenous trees & plants as a primary consideration in the design process”. Nice!

If you would like to sponsor an indigenous South African forest tree and help expand this wildlife corridor in the Garden Route, click here OR

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Fly … Plant … Offset!

Wilderness Heights Wildlife Corridor 23 April 2022 Precious Tree Project

We were delighted to have one of our international sponsors join in on our monthly planting session held in the wildlife corridor in April. She got to see the progress made on our Wilderness Heights Wildlife Corridor, where the majority of her donated trees over the past 5 years have been planted out. The importance of assisted reforestation became evident to her as she was guided through the corridor.

Allowing the forest to naturally re-establish itself is the optimal choice, but the poor quality of the soil (as a result of the presence of Pines, Blackwoods and Wattles), rapid reappearance of invasive saplings, climate change and associated extremes weather patterns all retard the regrowth and regeneration process.

Planting out a range of forest tree species that emulate the forest biome is our method of assisting the reforestation process and precipitating growth and the restoration of biodiversity in the area.

Thank you Monika for your ongoing support and our Very Important Planters for theirs.
We could not do this without you all!

If you would like to support our ongoing efforts of assisted regeneration of our wildlife corridors, click on the following link:

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The Gift of Gifting a Precious Tree

The Gift of Gifting a Precious Tree - Precious Tree Project

Gifting a tree to a loved one as a birthday present, wedding gift or any other ceremonial and remembrance occasion is becoming more popular with our followers. Our ability to continuously assist with the ongoing reforestation of the Wilderness Heights Wildlife Corridor is a result of the support we receive every time you gift a tree in honour of your loved ones.

The Precious Tree Project Team says thank you!

Click here if you would like to sponsor an indigenous forest tree to our wildlife corridors OR you can go to

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Choosing Green to Honour Purple

Choosing Green to Honour Purple BTS Precious Tree Project

BTS is a South Korean band with a large number of big international hits and a very big following across the globe, known as the BTS Army. The BTS Army have a base here in South Africa and this year they are celebrating their 8th Anniversary by gifting trees in honour and support of BTS’s Purple Pave Project.

“When we think about generosity, we think of you. When we think about kindness, we think of you. When we think about humility and care for mankind and for our planet, we always think of you. You’ve inspired millions to make our world a better place today, but also for tomorrow. For you, for us, we pay your example forward. We purple you.”

“Our gift of trees is in your honour as part of the “Purple Pave for BTS” Project. We purple you.”

“… ‘It’s okay … when I say 1, 2, 3, forget it. Erase all sad memories. Hold my hand & smile’ .. Our gift in your honour as part of the ‘Purple pave for BTS’ Project“

“Borahae BTS!”

“Borahae” (“I purple you”) is a phrase combining two Korean words: Violet (“bora”) and I love you (“saranghae”) and was coined during a 2016 concert by Kim Taehyung (a.k.a “V” of BTS). “Borahae” implies “I’ll love you till the end of days” since purple (violet) is the last colour of the rainbow.

The Precious Tree Project Team says thank you to the South African BTS Army for choosing a green project to celebrate and honour a purple one.

BTS on Facebook:

If you would like to sponsor an indigenous South African forest tree on behalf of BTS and help expand this wildlife corridor in the Garden Route, click here OR go to