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Choosing Green to Honour Purple

Choosing Green to Honour Purple BTS Precious Tree Project

BTS is a South Korean band with a large number of big international hits and a very big following across the globe, known as the BTS Army. The BTS Army have a base here in South Africa and this year they are celebrating their 8th Anniversary by gifting trees in honour and support of BTS’s Purple Pave Project.

“When we think about generosity, we think of you. When we think about kindness, we think of you. When we think about humility and care for mankind and for our planet, we always think of you. You’ve inspired millions to make our world a better place today, but also for tomorrow. For you, for us, we pay your example forward. We purple you.”

“Our gift of trees is in your honour as part of the “Purple Pave for BTS” Project. We purple you.”

“… ‘It’s okay … when I say 1, 2, 3, forget it. Erase all sad memories. Hold my hand & smile’ .. Our gift in your honour as part of the ‘Purple pave for BTS’ Project“

“Borahae BTS!”

“Borahae” (“I purple you”) is a phrase combining two Korean words: Violet (“bora”) and I love you (“saranghae”) and was coined during a 2016 concert by Kim Taehyung (a.k.a “V” of BTS). “Borahae” implies “I’ll love you till the end of days” since purple (violet) is the last colour of the rainbow.

The Precious Tree Project Team says thank you to the South African BTS Army for choosing a green project to celebrate and honour a purple one.

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If you would like to sponsor an indigenous South African forest tree on behalf of BTS and help expand this wildlife corridor in the Garden Route, click here OR go to