Skycycle – Print


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Skycycle – Print

Artist: Jan Cilliers de Wet


Giclee print on unmounted art canvas.
Archival pigment ink.
98x72cm excl 6cm white border.
Date of completion 2019.
Original oil on canvas sold.


There’s a bit of the aviation world devoted to human powered flight, generally involving very light wings and a human furiously pedalling to turn a propeller. I came across one where the wings were discarded in favour of a small blimp, which I just had to turn into a painting.

The blimp became sort of fishlike and the pedals acquired some tendrils a la jellyfish. As they do.

The galaxy/clouds were the result of an accidental drop of paint spilled onto the still wet background. When I blotted it off it left a little dot which I liked, and ended up squirting turps over the whole sky and then blotting it off with paper towels. The embossing on the towels can be seen in the patterns of the result.


Jan Cilliers de Wet


Jan Cilliers de Wet Biography and Artist`s Statement

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