Twitterati – Print


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Twitterati – Print

Artist: Jan Cilliers de Wet

Giclee print on unmounted art canvas.
98x70cm excl 6cm white border.
Date of completion 2018.
Original oil on canvas sold.

Occasionally a flock of birds will gather in a tree and have a big tweet amongst themselves. This piece is inspired by that, although there’s also a bit of Paul Klee’s ‘Twittering Machine’ lurking in the background, one of my favourite paintings from that period.

In his case though it was a comment on society – “a contemptuous satire of laboratory science” –  or so the experts say. Personally I suspect he was just having fun.

This one is just a bunch of birds having a bird party. But then meaning is in the mind of the beholder.


Jan Cilliers de Wet


Jan Cilliers de Wet Biography and Artist`s Statement

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