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Thirty Sponsored Precious Trees Sent to Heaven

While there is still much work to be done on many private properties across Wilderness and Hoekwil w.r.t the clearing of non-indigenous trees and vines, and the many hazards their presence imposes on the area, Alan Fowle and Mandy Basson, have quietly been clearing and rehabilitating their property – HeavenSent – in Hoekwil, to make way for the regeneration of the endemic indigenous trees and the regrowth of the forest floor.

With our very important planters behind us and eager to get stuck in, we gave Al and Mandy’s regenerative efforts a boost. These ongoing restoration attempts of bio-mimicked forests are part of our vision to restore biodiversity, create a larger haven for our wildlife, address carbon levels in our atmosphere, reduce runaway fires, create employment etc.

Thank you Mandy and Al for being custodians of the land that our sponsored trees can call home. If you would like to assist us in our vision, click here to sponsor trees!









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