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Planting Action Speaking Louder than Eco Words

Planting Action Speaking Louder than Eco Words

Rock the Route and PANGEA Trails are local ECO Adventure Tourism businesses who have been ongoing supporters of Precious Tree Project since 2018. Both companies offer tours around South Africa and include multi-day tours to the Garden Route. Both companies recognise that the tourism services they have on offer come with an environmental footprint and remain committed to sponsoring trees with Precious Tree Project for every seat sold on every tour they conduct. This means that as the seats add up, so do the numbers of trees we get to plant out in one of our wildlife corridor rehabilitation projects.

This month we selected Eastbrook Wildlife Corridor as the site to plant out these trees in our usual “biomimicked forest patch” way.

Thumbs up to Rock the Route/PANGEA Trails for their contributions and making this planting session possible! This mini-forest will help restore biodiversity in the corridor, provide a valuable source of food and a safe haven for wildlife passing through.

Thumbs up to them also pitching in and helping us plant out their trees on the day!

Thumbs up to our very important planters for showing up every time to plant a mini-forest!

Click here if you would like to sponsor an indigenous South African forest tree towards our wildlife corridors in the Garden Route OR