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Tree Planting and Environmental Awareness Initiative – Pacaltsdorp High School

WMO Pacaltsdorp High School

SITE #11: Pacaltsdorp High School

The school is located in Pacaltsdorp in George, and has approximately 1500 learners (Grade 8 to Grade 12). There is a hostel on the school grounds providing limited number of student accommodation.

There is an existing food kitchen that feeds all the learners daily, including meals for the hostel residents. The intention of Pacaltsdorp High School going forward is to re-invest in the existing vegetable garden which has fallen into disarray as a result of a lack of project funding to continue with the maintenance and upkeep thereof. There is capacity on the school grounds to grow food gardens capable of feeding the school goers as well as the 3-meals-a-day feeding requirements of the hostel residents.

A small team of ground-staff will oversee the trees in collaboration with the school members who are part of The Green Club.

Thank you World Memon Organisation for your ongoing support and investment in the health of our youth and educating them on the importance of trees and our natural environment in our own health and well-being.

Check out the Youtube video below!

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