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PTP Mini Outreach Program – Inkcubeko Youth & Science Centre, Thembalethu

PTP Mini Outreach Program – Inkcubeko Youth & Science Centre, Thembalethu

The Inkcubeko Youth and Science Centre is a non-profit initiative of the Isisombululo Community Improvement Programme and serves Thembalethu and the greater Garden Route District. The centre operates as a safe space for youth to explore how their external world around them works by igniting curiosity and interest in science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics and innovation. The centre also serves as a foundation for youth empowerment, community development, capacity building, social cohesion and youth orientated projects and programmes.

In collaboration with local environmental authorities, we spent the morning with the staff planting trees and raising their awareness around the importance of trees and the health of our natural environment… important information that they themselves will impart to the learners and community at large.

As one would like to see be the norm, they have started a small organic food garden on the property and we have joined in on this program by providing food seeds, seeds of green leafy vegetables, compost and earthworm juice to kick start the process. Their longer term goal is to have an organic waste management system in place to feed the food gardens.

If you would like to sponsor an indigenous South African forest tree and help expand our wildlife corridor in the Garden Route, click here OR go to