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Rounds of Fun

wilderness summer beach volleyball challenge precious tree project

The Wilderness Beach Volleyball Team Challenge started as a summer event in December 2017 to raise funds to plant out a bio-mimicked forest patch in our Wilderness Heights Wildlife Corridor. The event has gained popularity over the past five years, having developed into an annual summer fundraiser on Leentjies Klip Beach in Wilderness. A once-a-year event, however, hasn’t quite satiated the locals’ appetites for serious volleyball and the requests to hold the event more regularly have been rolling in. In collaboration with Backline Lounge Bar and Corona Lite, to quench this thirst, we held an End of Summer Beach Volleyball Challenge on the 20th of March.

The passion for the game was evident in the high spirits of all the participants, where the standard of play and level of skill were the highest yet. Although there can only be one winning team to claim the winning spot on the day, everyone felt like winners having the knowledge that their participation alone equates to a bio-mimicked forest patch planted out in one of our local wildlife corridors.

Event Winners: One Family
Event Runners Up: The Assassins (Summer Challenge Title Holders three consecutive years in a row)

The Precious Tree Project Team would like to extend a huge thank you to the local volleyball players who consistently pitch up; sponsor a tree as their entry fee and play for the forests. It was rounds of fun! Watch this space for the next round of our Beach Volleyball Team Challenge!

If you would like to sponsor an indigenous South African forest tree or gift-a-Tree to a loved one and help the ongoing expansion of our wildlife corridors, simply click here OR you can go to

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Competing for 1st Place .. playing for Trees

Beach Volleyball Challenge 27 December 2021 Precious Tree Project

Our annual Summer Beach Volleyball Team Challenge that we hold each December gains popularity every year. The standard of play and the level of skill simply get better each year. While the teams certainly “upped their games”, none were able to beat the current title holders of the Challenge.

The Winners were (in three consecutive years of play): The Assassins.
The Runners Up: The Sandy Sacks (next time fellas).

A Big Thank You To:
everyone who entered the challenge,
the refs,
the sponsor – SOGA Organic,
Wilderness BeachHouse Backpackers,
the supporters on the side,
the photographers behind the camera.

If you would like to support our ongoing efforts of assisted regeneration of our forest biome and our wildlife corridors, click here!

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Putting the Fun in Fundraising

Putting the fun in fundraising

Hosting our “You and Your Plus 1” Doubles Challenge is always fun and in September we held our Spring You event in Victoria Bay to raise funds to plant out more bio-mimicked forest patches in the Garden Route.  The six events, set up against a beautiful backdrop of mountains and forests at Denneberghof, included volleyball, table tennis, boulles, chip and putt, darts and a 25m running relay.

The Doubles Team Challenge prize winners this year:
The Winners: The Honkytonk Badonkadonks
The Runners Up: The Strays

Thank you to all the participants for stepping up to the challenge and making a big effort for the Team Name & Dress Up competition!  Your enthusiastic participation is greatly appreciated and made watching you all such fun!
The winners:  The LifeSavers
The Runners Up: the Chrays

Soga Organic and Die Invloed for their fabulous prizes!
Wilderness Beach House Backpackers Lodge for being the best hosts for our prize giving ceremony.
Shomon and the soundtrack for the attached video.
Stretch for the live music.

A big thank you to everyone for the support and for putting the fun in our You and Your Plus 1 FUNdraiser!

These sponsored trees will be planted out in a bio-mimicked forest pocket at Denneberghof in 2022 …. Watch this space!

If you would like to sponsor an indigenous South African forest tree and help expand the wildlife corridors in the Garden Route, click here or go to

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The Rewards of having Fun!

You and Your Plus 1 - Fundraiser - Precious Tree Project

The move into Lockdown Alert Level 1 at the end of February afforded us the opportunity to put together a small private outdoor fundraising event to raise money to expand the wildlife corridor in Wilderness Heights. Twenty four teams entered into our You & Your Plus 1 Doubles Challenge which comprised of six different events: volleyball, badminton, darts, bat & ball, table tennis and a swimming medley.

Putting on a fundraising event with a little bit of a competitive edge between the teams was rewarding to watch.  As was observing the fun being had by all those who entered into the Challenge and by the supporters cheering them on from the sidelines. “What Fun!” was the general take home phrase of the day.

A big thank you to the participants, the sponsors and the supporters who pitched on the day irrespective of the weather warnings of heavy rain on the day! The weather on the day was glorious!

Having fun was one reward but the greatest reward, for PTP of course, is getting to add more indigenous forest trees to the Wilderness Heights Wildlife Corridor.

Sponsors:  Blue Olive Restaurant, Wilderness and One Stop Beauty Shop, George

If you would like to support our ongoing efforts of assisted regeneration of our forest biome, click here!

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Planting for Health

Planting for Health - Tour de Burn - Precious Tree Project

While much has halted or slowed down in our world since lockdown, raising funds to assist the regenerative growth of our natural endemic forests continues and it’s importance to do so is more apparent in light of the health challenges facing the national and global community.

Dr Jon Morley’s vision to plant out 5000 indigenous trees: Instead of kickstarting the cycle event with a 500 km cycle to Afrika Burn this month, he will be hosting a cycling event every 2 months and close off his fundraiser with a cycle to the new Afrika Burn venue in May 2021.

Watch this space for details on Dr Jon’s cycling antics, and if you would like to sponsor his initiative click on this link or you can support his Backabuddy crowdfunding platform at

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Playing for Trees – thriVe Beach Volleyball Challenge 2019 Fundraising Event

Playing for Trees – thriVe Beach Volleyball Challenge December 2019 Fundraising Event - Precious Tree Project

Playing to plant indigenous trees

The third annual beach volleyball team challenge, co-ordinated by thriVe to raise funds for Precious Tree Project, was held on the 27th of December on Leentjies Klip Beach in Wilderness.

The region had been experiencing more than usual windy conditions for many weeks prior to the event, and while paragliding enthusiasts generally benefit a whole lot from these windy conditions, they are not favourable for beach volleyball and the possibility of needing to postpone the event existed. On the day though, conditions were perfect for a full day of uninterrupted volleyball.

A big thank you to:

Beach House Backpackers for hosting our Prize Giving and always making our experience so enjoyable.

Robin Auld & Wendy Oldfield for sponsoring CD’s as part of the prizes awarded on the day.

SPAR Wilderness for donating the prizes for the winning team (a picnic basket for two for each of the winning team members) and who have subsequently elected to sponsor this event every year.

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Playing For Trees – thrive Beach Volleyball Challenge 2018 Fundraising Event

For the past two years, thriVe, hand in hand with Precious Tree Project (PTP), has put on a local VOLLEYBALL challenge, specifically geared to raise funds to plant out indigenous trees along the Garden Route, and regrow mini endemic forest areas. This was our second year running and its growing popularity here in Wilderness has put it on the Garden Route map as an annual fundraising event for PTP.

This year at our annual Beach Volleyball Challenge at Leentjies Klip Beach, there were more enthusiastic individuals signing up to Play for Trees, more sponsorships, more donations, and a whole lot of fun! So, taking it to the next level… we’re entering a PTP Team next year! See you there!

eden logo image

Thank you to our local sponsor Eden Adventures for donating the winning prize: a full day trip canoeing along our beautiful Touw River.

thriVe Beach Volleyball Challenge 2018

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Playing for Trees – thriVe Beach Volleyball and Sand Castle Challenge 2017 Fundraising Event

Playing for Trees - thriVe Beach Volleyball and Sand Castle Challenge 2017 Fundraising Event - Precious Tree Project

Co-ordinated and put together by thriVe, this volleyball event at Leentjies Klip is the first of what is to become an annual sporting challenge here in Wilderness.

Playing for trees” was a truly fun way of raising money for Precious Tree Project – in the glorious summertime season – and we got to do it on the beach! Look out for next year’s event, same time, same place!