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Tour de Burn – a tree-cycling project : this tree-cycling project is a fundraising initiative of our local Integrated Holistic Doctor, Jon Morley, to assist the regenerative development and reforestation of the Garden Route. His vision, in collaboration with Precious Tree Project, is to raise awareness around the benefits of trees and the importance of their role in human and environmental health and well-being as well as to raise funds to plant out 5000 trees in the Greater Wilderness/Hoekwil area in the Garden Route.

In 2019, Jon`s daughter, Yemaya, challenged him to adopt veganism for environmental reasons, so he decided to meet her challenge and “raise her one” by integrating one of his own personal lifestyle passions/habits (in this case, cycling) into a cause supporting environmental health (forest regeneration being his chosen cause). For him, cycling for trees represents “… an integral solution to personal and global well-being.”

Why cycling for trees? in addition to positively impacting on the health of our natural environment, his aim is to bring attention to the intimate connection between environmental health and our personal health.

He is cycling from Wilderness to Afrika Burn in April – his 50th birthday month – and is making his trip to the festival a carbon-free one.  His vision is to see his “Tree-Cycling Project” manifest and unfold over the next year, kickstarting the process with a cycling stint to the Afrika Burn festival.

Jon will be cycling 500 kilometers into the Karoo at 07h00 on the 24th of April, 2020! The end goal is to raise funds to plant out 5000 trees with Precious Tree Project: 50 years of his life on Mother Earth … 500 kilometers to cycle to Afrika Burn … 5000 trees!


All donations and sponsorships towards Tour de Burn will go to Precious Tree Project. The amount sponsored towards this initiative is completely up to yourself and in order to correctly allocate your donation towards his tree-cycling project, make sure you use the correct reference number when making your donation. Reference: TOUR DE BURN plus Name and Surname

To make a direct payment (EFT) into our bank account, please use the following banking details with the Tour de Burn reference number:
Bank: FNB
Account Type: Cheque / Transmission
Branch Code: 250655
Account Number: 62764154648

To make a recurring donation through the lifespan of the project simply click here to set up the details, using the Tour de Burn reference number and your name. All contributions are welcome!

Trees Sponsored


of 5000 trees to be planted

Planting Site: Libertas Farm

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