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Tree Planting and Environmental Awareness Initiative – Dellville Park Primary School

Tree Planting and Environmental Awareness Initiative Dellville Park Primary School Precious Tree Project

SITE #3: Dellville Park Primary School

The school is located in Dellville, Pacaltsdorp – in George.  The school has 1400 learners (Grade 1 and Grade 7). One percent of the learners come from the Dellville community itself.  Ninety nine percent of the learners come from Thembalethu at large – which falls into a lower economic bracket than the Dellville community itself. The Department of Education provides limited funding to the school covering staff salaries as well as education fees for 100 out of the 1400 learners). The balance of learners are funded by a range of small fundraising initiatives the school holds on a monthly basis, which is allocated to funding the learners’ education itself.

There is a food kitchen that feeds 500 of the children. These children are given three meals each day from the kitchen (feeding those learners who do not have pre-packed lunches). The numbers of learners attending the school without a pre-packed lunch is on the rise and the school has been in need of additional fruit trees and vegetable seeds to fulfill the requirements of the Nutrition Program

The staff and learners of Dellville Park Primary School & The Precious Tree Project Team Say THANK YOU WMO!

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