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Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound - Precious Tree Project


The last 100km day ride brought the tree-cycling team back into home territory. A well deserved round of applause to Jon and Dave – who just got on with it kilometre after kilometre, who kept smiling kilometre after kilometre and made it all look rather easy even when it wasn’t.

And a big thank you to the doctor’s wife, Ez Morley, for everything, including all the great photos that contributed to these posts.

Watch this space for Stage 2 of Tour de Burn – a tree cycling project!

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Clocking up another 100km on their Tour de Burn Belts!


Our tree-cyclists were up and off relatively early on day 4, the day that the good doctor’s wife had to handle the fluffing responsibilities for the team on her own. It was also the day that the support vehicle had a flat tyre… and when you are deep in Karoo Territory, where big muscle assistance is no-where in sight & cellphone reception is between zero and nothing, it’s a task you get to perform on your own!

Well done to Mrs Morley for keeping it all together and holding fort, and well done to the guys for clocking up another hundred kilometer notch on their Tour de Burn belts!

If you would like to support the Morley’s team effort and donate a tree, click here!

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Revelling in Karoo Panorama


Full on appreciation of the panoramic views that the Karoo offers, whether you are a tree-cyclist on a bicycle or a fluffer in a support vehicle.

The pleasure of being able to observe two dedicated, super-fit men cycling 100kms through the magnificence of the Karoo was not lost on us.

Big riding and easy-on-the-eye driving. Great route to go … either way you tackle it.
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The Tough got Going

Tree-cycling - Tour de Burn Stage 1 Day 1 Precious Tree Project NPO


Day 1: 12th June 2020, 08h45. 7 degrees celcius. Brrrrrrrr.
Tree-cycling team: Jon Morley and Dave Cubbin
Support team: Ez Morley and I

The guys started the cycle on day 1 at the entrance to Simola in Knysna with the most difficult climb of the stage. As the support team, Ez and I, waved them off with backpacks loaded with water, energy bars/drinks/snacks and gave them some space to tackle the Prince Alfred Mountain pass ahead of us. The Prince Alfred mountain pass is a glorious drive and we navigated our way up the mountain slowly (no more than 10 kms per hour) in order to take in and take shots of the breathtaking beauty of the area.

Half way up the mountain pass we thought to notch it up a bit and reduce the distance between us and the boys until we had them in our line of sight. It took way longer to catch up with them than we anticipated that at one point going up the pass, we thought we had missed them somewhere on the road. But of course, we hadn’t!

The boys were simply nimble .. The boys were simply quick! Not just up the mountain, but all the way to the “finish line” in Oudtshoorn, 100kms later.

Lesson to remember for the following 4 days: do not underestimate the power and speed of these two (and we certainly didn’t do that again).

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