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Arbour Month and the Beautification of George

Arbour Month and the Beautification of Knysna Road, George

We joined up with a number of local conservation bodies to assist the local municipality with their beautification of Knysna Road in celebration of Arbour Month. A number of large moribund oak trees that had been growing in rows along the main street for many years required replacement. Planting a single species of tree along streets in rows or lines as a beautification method has been adopted globally for centuries, and the incredible beauty of flowering trees in full bloom along any street, whether they are indigenous or not, is undeniable.

Lines of single trees of one species can, however, make a species more susceptible to a range of pests, particularly shot hole borer. Moreover, planting out a single species of tree also restricts biodiversity since a selective species of tree will attract a selective species of birds, bees and butterflies.

This year the decision was taken to replace the single rows of moribund oak trees with indigenous tree species and plant out a double row of trees, zigzagging their position alongside the road. In addition, we planted out a small bio-mimicked forest patch of a range of different indigenous trees in the middle of the open green adjoining Knysna Road to encourage greater biodiversity to the area. Species planted out included Outeniqua Yellowwood, True Yellowwood, Saffron, Wild Peach, Harpehyllum, Tree Fuchsia and Stinkwood.

Thank you to everyone who pitched in to help keep our streets and open Spaces green!

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