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Roche Diagnostics Making a Difference in the Garden Route

Roche Diagnostics has a tradition of innovation in healthcare around the globe and are committed to making a real difference in people’s lives by providing products and services for the diagnosis of diseases.

As part of making a difference in the lives of their staff, the Roche Management Centre staff participated in a team building exercise in the Garden Route. Each staff member in the team donated trees towards our Wilderness Heights Wildlife Corridor and pitched up as a collective effort to plant the trees we selected for their sponsorships.

As with all our planting sessions, we selected a range of indigenous species endemic to the site that were planted out in close proximity to one another in the form of a bio-mimicked forest patch within the larger forest itself.

Included in our mix of trees were Crotalaria capensis, Pittosporum viridiflorum, Vepris lanceolata, Elaeodendron Croceum, Rhamnus prinoides, Buddleja saligna and Rapanea melanophloeos. Here all the different tree species work as a unit to boost the presence and growth of each other. Much like team building between trees.

Thank you to Roche Diagnostics and all those staff who not only donated towards the planting of trees but planted them out as well!

Click here if you would like to sponsor an indigenous South African forest tree and help expand this wildlife corridor in the Garden Route OR visit

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Expanding the Oakhurst Forest

Corporate Team Building Oakhurst Forest - Precious Tree Project
Corporate Team Building Oakhurst Forest - Precious Tree Project

Expanding the forest one precious tree at a time!

In September 2019, Oakhurst Insurance Company Limited in George committed to growing a bio-mimicked patch of indigenous forest on one of our reforestation sites (Libertas) in Hoekwil. This initiative is one of their measures to address climate change and assist PTP in restoring biodiversity to this area.

In October, as part of another team-building initiative, a number of their staff took some time out of the office to get their hands dirty by planting more endemic, indigenous trees along the riverine area – including the Outeniqua Yellowwood, Boekenhout, Cape Holly, True Yellowwood and Wild Olive.

Creating these bio-mimicked forest patches along the riverine area is more than simply “replacing” the natural forest area that previously grew here and which had become smothered by highly invasive non-indigenous trees and vines … it is also about assisting the natural regeneration of the existing forest trees – given time and assistance, the forests along the riverine area will restore themselves …. and this mini forest is there to assist the process!

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Arbor Month: Oakhurst Insurance growing a Corporate Forest

It’s Arbor Month and we’re growing a Corporate Forest - Precious Tree Project
It’s Arbor Month and we’re growing a Corporate Forest - Precious Tree Project

Arbor Month 2019Corporate Team Building: We spent the day with a super enthusiastic bunch of staff from Oakhurst Insurance Company Limited, planting out a range of endemic and indigenous forest trees on Libertas Guest Farm. These trees were all sponsored by the company themselves, and their intention is to continue to plant trees and grow an “Oakhurst Insurance Company Limited Forest”.

Well done to all at Oakhurst Insurance Company Limited for getting on board to help address climate change and the challenges that come with it!

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