School Environmental Educational Workshops And Tree Planting Program

Environmental Education is a key component of the work that we do. We have set up a School Education and Tree Planting Program to raise awareness amongst our youth around our connection to our environment and the benefits of planting trees. We focus on planting out indigenous forest food trees in our school planting endeavours.

Hoekwil Primary School, Hoekwil

Volunteer Tree Planting Day with Rock the Route

Rock the Route sponsored 60 trees and we elected to plant these out at Hoekwil Primary School. The school is in short supply of trees that provide and undergoing a clearing out of non-indigenous trees on the school grounds. As part of our greening up educational campaign, we spent a day planting out a range of indigenous food and endemic forest trees around the property. And the children get to watch them grow and care for them!

School Educational Workshops and Tree Planting Programme - Hoekwil Primary School - Precious Tree Project

Educational Tree Planting Workshop

On the 17th of May 2019, we spent the day workshopping with the school learners (grade R’s to Grade 7’s) to raise awareness about the importance and benefits of trees in our natural environment. Each Grade participated in the Tree Planting Workshop where they not only learnt how to plant a tree correctly but got stuck in and planted the trees themselves .. correctly!.

Hoekwil Primary helps reforest the Garden Route, George Herald

St. Pauls` Primary School, George

Dr Jon Morley, our local Integrated and Holistic Doctor, is on a mission to raise money for Precious Tree Project and our School Educational Program. We will be supporting his Cycle for Trees (to Africa Burn in 2020) Fundraiser to help him raise funds that will go towards historically disadvantages schools in the area, such as St Pauls’ Primary School in George.

St Pauls Primary School Environmental Education Workshops and Tree Planting Programme - Precious Tree Project

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