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Introducing a different Element into the Wildlife Corridor

Introducing a different Element into the Wildlife Corridor -source seeds - Precious Tree Project

We were introduced to something completely different in our volunteer planting session this month: we planted out a bio-mimicked forest patch comprising a range of endemic tree species in Wilderness Heights with Source Seeds donated by The Crystallized Roots Movement. The purpose of The Crystallized Roots Movement, under the auspices of Earth Change, is to plant trees with a higher biophoton count in the soil using Source Seeds.

Source Seeds are ceramic balls designed to create biophotons, allowing the trees an opportunity to learn and connect with the world in a new way. Their goal is to plant 1 000 000 Source Seed trees across the globe and Precious Tree Project took up the offer of planting 53 of them in the Wildlife Corridor we are currently clearing and reforesting. While we believe in keeping the reforestation process as natural as possible, we thought we’d give this group of trees a boost of biophotons. We’ll keep you posted on developments and see how these precious trees compare in growth to that of their family of forest trees surrounding them!

A big thank you to all you wonderful sponsors whose support makes the growth and expansion of this wildlife corridor possible.

A big thank you to Josie Crook and The Crystallized Roots Movement for the sponsorship of these Source Seeds.

A big thank you to all our volunteer planters who continually pitch up to plant trees, grow our forests and expand this wildlife corridor!

Here’s to all of us learning and connecting with the world in a new higher vibrational way!

If you are interested in The Crystallized Roots Movement, visit

If you would like to support our ongoing efforts of assisted regeneration of our forest biome, click here!

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