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Friends of the Forest – Libertas Guest Farm

Friends of the forest - Libertas Guest Farm

We planted out a mini bio-mimicked indigenous forest at Libertas Guest farm under two years ago (mid 2019) in order to assist the natural reforestation process on a site that was left devastated by the clearing efforts of local woodcutters at the time (for use as firewood).

The mini forest we planted out comprised a range of indigenous forest tree species including one Milkwood and a number of Keurboom, Boekenhout, Cape Beech, Cape Chestnut, Cape Holly, Blinkblaar, Wild Peach, Forest Elder and Wild Olive.  These are forest trees endemic to the site.

We have been monitoring the process.  See the results for yourself!

A big thank you from the Precious Tree Project Crew to all our sponsors and volunteers who were involved in this project.

Click here if you would like to sponsor an indigenous tree and help grow the wildlife corridors  in the Garden Route, or click here to make a donation.

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