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Leaving with A Full Heart

Leaving with a Full Heart - Volunteer Tree Planting - Precious Tree Project

We have concentrated much of our tree planting efforts on one section of Heartland Organic Farm. This month, we shifted our focus to a previously cleared area (primarily invaded by pine trees) and started our tree planting efforts on the northern side of the property.

More attention to this side over the past two years had to be given attention before we could begin our planting activities here, since the area not only had to be cleared of non-indigenous saplings springing up in their thousands after the fires and rains, but the soil (which had become too acid)had to be rehabilitated to ensure the right pH balance for our precious trees.

Volunteer Tree Planting: Precious Tree Project has been involved with Heartland’s rehabilitation process for almost 2 years this month. We spent Saturday afternoon on-site again, adding to the forest that we helped establish in 2017, and used the opportunity to assess it’s health. It is so heart-warming to see the rich growth that has taken place over two years and the high fertility of the soil in which these forest trees are being planted..

The more recent fires in October 2018 has meant a redirection of our attention to sites closer to home for the time being, but we left the site knowing that the forest is in good hands. We will be back!

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