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Counting and Separating Indigenous Seeds

Seperating Indigenous Seeds - Precious Tree Project

Separating Indigenous Seeds: We were fortunate to have a few thousand seeds (endemic and indigenous forest and food trees to our area) donated to our tree growing and nursery development program. In order to allocate them to each mini satellite nursery, we joined up with these young unemployed members of our local community on a sunny day, out in the open, under a tree where they were shown how to count them out, label and package them in recycled paper holders.

Counting out hundreds of seeds half a pinhead in size is no easy task …. but the conditions were perfect and these young men showed patience in the process. They also learnt how to identify the endemic indigenous trees in our area from the seeds they were handling, and a way to recognise and name the different species of seeds. A handy bit of knowledge to have if you want to become a VIP!

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