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An Inspirational Family Planting Trees on Holiday

An inspirational family planting trees on Holiday

Appropriately named for its lush natural vegetation, the Garden Route is one of the few natural forest biomes in Southern Africa. The area supports a wide variety of animal and plant life and is a popular tourist/holiday-maker’s destination with its rivers, mountains, oceans, lagoons, bird-walks, waterfalls, sunny weather and adventure activities. Under the surface of it all, our area faces numerous environmental challenges: diminishing natural forests, the growing presence of highly invasive non-indigenous trees/vines and the increasing loss of biodiversity as a result.

In December, Andy Davis – the climber – and his family came down to the Garden Route for their family vacation. Keen to plant trees as one of their holiday activities and assist PTP with our reforestation and regenerative efforts in the Garden Route, we organised a planting session for the family in Karatara. The family sponsored 28 indigenous trees that they planted out at Melody Hills – a site where the owners, Heinie and Chrissie, have spent the past few years rehabilitating the natural vegetation on their property and removing highly invasive non-indigenous trees. Thank you Andy and family for your contribution to our mission to plant a million trees in the Garden Route!

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