Creating Mini Bio-Mimicked Forest Patches

While the benefits of planting out indigenous trees are indeed great, planting out small bio-mimicked patches of endemic forests have even greater benefits. One of our ongoing projects is the restoration/regrowth/creation of natural indigenous and endemic forest patches across the GR and the restoration of the “forest floor”. Since 2010, PTP has planted a number of bio-mimicked patches on private properties in the Garden Route district..

Asante, Wilderness Heights

Wilderness Heights 2014: Asante, is a smallholding in Wilderness Heights, owned by Janus and Landi. They have been involved in the removal of non-indigenous trees on their property for many years and the creation of permaculture methods on their farm. We planted out a range of indigenous forest trees to assist in the creation of a mini forest on their land.

Steve O`Hagan, Hoekwil

Hoekwil 2015: This smallholding in Hoekwil was selected for its prime location for the growth of a mini bio-mimicked forest patch.  Steve, the owner and guardian, has slowly been removing the non-indigenous trees on his property over the past 15 years and we gave his regeneration efforts a big boost by planting out a 50 tree mini forest on his property.

Blue Moon Cottages, Wilderness Heights

Wilderness Heights 2017: The Leggat family were the recipients of our sponsorships this month. Mike Leggat has been actively involved in the removal of non-indigenous trees on his property (a resource he has turned into a mini firewood business delivering firewood to the local community). We had the opportunity to assist him with the creation of a mini indigenous forest on his property post his clearing initiative had made the space available. 

Bockmaier Smallholding, Wilderness Heights

Wilderness Heights 2017: Siggi Bockmaier sponsored 100 trees through PTP with the intention of creating and growing a small bio-mimicked patch of forest on his newly acquired small holding. We planted out these precious trees in a joint collaboration with our volunteers, friends and family members.

Shamboh, Wilderness Heights

The clearing of non-indigenous trees and the call for reforestation in the Heights started when Ray Nolan bought a small holding in the heart of Wilderness Heights. His vision for his property was to see the regrowth of fynbos and the reforestation of indigenous trees that had been removed to accommodate potato farming. Over the past 17 years he has tirelessly worked on growing the presence of indigenous forest trees in order to attract wildlife and restore biodiversity in the area. Sponsorships and donations in the early years from friends and family members wishing to offset their carbon footprints has gone a long way in helping him achieve his vision for Shamboh.

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