mini satellite nurseries - about precious tree project

If we want to plant millions of trees, we need to grow millions of trees.  Growing and maintaining saplings under the same environmental and climatic conditions in which they will be planted out increases the rate of survival once they are planted out and also reduces the carbon footprint around transporting them to site.

To this end we have established a number of mini PTP satellite nurseries along the Garden Route where many landowners in the GR community have shown a keen interest in participating in our vision. These mini satellite nurseries are also part of our vision to develop and support local business for community members (LED) and provide an additional income to households in this fluctuating economy.

Let us know if you live in the Garden Route and would like to participate in the program! Simply complete the application form below, and don`t hesitate to contact us should you have any other ideas or questions.

Mini-Satellite Nurseries Application Form

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