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Cape Chestnut

Calodendrum capense (L.f.) Thunb

Family: Rutaceae

Common names: Cape chestnut, wild chestnut (Eng.); wildekastaiing, Kaapsekastaiing (Afr.); umbaba, umsitshana (Xhosa); umbhaba, umemezi omhlophe (Zulu), molalakgwedi, mookêlêla (N.Sotho); muvhaha (Venda)


  • The larvae of several butterfly species, including the orange dog (Papilio demodocus) breed on the foliage.
  • Butterflies, not birds, seem to feed on the nectar.
  • Samango and vervet monkeys, rameron and olive pigeons, cinnamon doves and Cape parrots are known to eat the seeds.
  • The flowers are an attraction for bees, moths and butterflies and some beetles.
  • The woody fruits are eaten by monkeys, baboons, squirrels and parrots.
  • Several butterfly species, including the Orange Dog (Papilio demodocus) breed on the leaves.


  • Mostly the bark and seeds are used.
  • The bark is used as an ingredient of skin ointments and is sold at traditional medicine markets.
  • The bark is used as an additive in skin ointments in order to lighten the skin.
  • The seeds are used to extract a potent essential fatty acid (oil) popular in skincare products.
  • Seeds can be used for their antioxidant and sun protection properties.
  • The Xhosa believe that the seeds have magic properties, and the Xhosa hunters have been known to tie them around their wrists when hunting to bring them skill and good luck.

Practical Uses

  • The oil is also used in soap-making and has a high potential for use as lubricant and biofuel.
  • Wood used for tent bows, wagon-making, yokes, planking, shovel handles, and furniture
  • Seeds are crushed and boiled to obtain oil that is suitable for making soap.
  • It is suitable for use in general carpentry, for furniture, implement handles, yokes, planks and building construction.
  • It also makes good firewood and charcoal.
  • The trees have a heavy leaf fall, so they are excellent providers of organic mulch.


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