Our Vision and Mission

Our medium and long term goal is to significantly raise the presence of endemic and indigenous forest areas along the Garden Route and, through the process, expand and develop our local tree-planting/site clearing work force, establish and support our young mini satellite nurseries along the Garden Route and provide social upliftment opportunities for our local Garden Route communities.


Clearing, growing and planting out forest trees

We focus on planting out a range of  various species of indigenous forest trees in close proximity in order to help create healthy and biodiverse forests. We use the highest grade organic and vermiculture (earthworm) products to feed and strengthen our saplings before planting them out into small, carefully chosen pockets of “bio-mimicked” mixed lot of  indigenous trees.  This emulates the wondrous biosphere of a mature indigenous forest.

We are also involved in the removal of non-indigenous vegetation and soil rehabilitation along the Garden Route.  The spread of invasive non-indigenous trees over the years on many properties has gone unchecked.  These are fire-hazard sites and are in urgent need of clearing, a process that has been hampered by the mushrooming of non-indigenous saplings in the aftermath of the fires in 2017.

Where do we get our trees to effect our vision?

  • From our own small Precious Tree Project nursery (Shamboh) where we grow our own trees, and are conscious of sustainably harvesting and propagating a range of “precious” and “rare” forest trees (Garden Route region).
  • From small, locally established indigenous nurseries along the Garden Route.
  • From local community members who own smallholdings in the area and who are passionate about the regrowth of forests along the Garden Route Area.
  • Precious Tree Project Mini “satellite” Nurseries: We are currently developing a number of new mini “satellite” nurseries along the Garden Route.  If we need to plant out thousands of trees, we need to grow thousands of trees. We are using this as an opportunity to invest in social upliftment/training & education programmes as well as job creation opportunities tied in with these endeavours. This involves the setting up of local nurseries (that offer job creation opportunities) under our guidance that will provide a local source of locally grown indigenous forest trees.


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