Give money for trees

By sponsoring trees, you contribute to the following:

  • Sustainable harvesting and propagation of rare and common indigenous Knysna Forest Trees.
  • A carbon ‘sink’ off-set against your modern lifestyle.
  • Local community empowerment and job creation.
  • Developing a Tree planting programme for local schools (this includes food bearing trees).
  • Supporting small local ‘organic’  tree growing companies.
  • Supporting a Tree Removal Program for non-indigenous trees, creating jobs and providing firewood.
  • Supporting a local ‘vermiculture’ (earthworm) business.
  • Peace of mind that somewhere in the world you are creating future life for this planet – helping to establish an indigenous Forest that encompasses so much more ‘life’ than just the trees within it.
  • Continued care of the newly planted saplings to ensure survival and growth (currently we have a 95 percent success rate).


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For companies

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