Sponsorship and Corporate Packages

Sponsoring Options and Packages (2017)


This option is a simple purchase of one or more indigenous forest trees that will be planted by our Precious Tree Project Volunteer Planting Group in a designated area along the Garden Route.

Investment: R200.00 per forest tree sponsored

*R20.00 discount per tree on 10+ trees sponsored by an individual or organisation.

For this sum you get the following:

  • Chosen location for the tree (Choice of tree and location is done by us). [It says you get to choose location, but then it says its done by them? Also, I would change “Chosen” to a better tense choice.]
  • Sustainable harvesting and propagation of rare and common indigenous Knysna Forest Trees.
  • A carbon “sink” off-set against your modern lifestyle.
  • Local community empowerment and job creation.
  • Tree planting programme for local schools (this includes food bearing trees).
  • Support of three small “organic” local tree growing businesses. [What three? Links?]
  • You will be supporting a Tree Removal Program for non-indigenous trees, creating jobs and providing firewood.
  • You will be supporting a local ‘vermiculture’ (earthworm) business.
  • Peace of mind that somewhere in the world you are creating future life for this planet, helping to establish an indigenous forest that encompasses so much more life than just the trees within it.
  • Continued care of the newly planted saplings to ensure survival and growth (currently we have a 95 percent success rate).
  • Certificate, photo and GPS co-ordinates of your tree(s).


Package Option A: A R5000.00 PTP Sponsorship

  • 20x precious trees planted along the Garden Route with selected staff members from the company (who will join our happy, smiley Precious Tree Project planting team for an outing into nature);
  • R1500.00 donation to the Precious Tree Project nursery; and
  • certificate, photo and GPS co-ordinates of your trees.

Package Option B: A R7200.00 PTP Sponsorship

40x indigenous and endemic trees that will be planted as a small patch of indigenous forest. It will be planted as a “patch of 40” – a carefully chosen pocket of “bio-mimicked” mixed lot of indigenous trees that will emulate the wondrous biosphere of a mature indigenous forest.

Package Option C: A R10 000.00 PTP Sponsorship

  • 40 x precious trees planted by our Precious Tree Project Volunteer Planting Group;
  • R2500.00 towards our Precious Tree Project Nursery requirements; and
  • certificate, photo and GPS co-ordinates of your trees.

*We are currently investigating tax benefits for individuals and companies for larger tree-planting orders.


We will acknowledge the receipt of funds via email. We will send you a certificate with a GPS co-ordinate as to where your sponsored tree/trees has/have been planted.

BANK: First National Bank
ACCOUNT NAME:  Precious Tree Project
BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER: 627 0820 3857
CODE: 210 -114
BRANCH: George – York Street Branch
REF NUMBER: (OPTION) + Name and Surname + Contact Number

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