Life, Soles and Precious Trees

Iona Nyandoro from Cape Town is an aspiring social entrepreneur and the founder of a small startup social enterprise, LifexSoles. She came to know about Precious Tree Project while looking for an organisation to volunteer her time and find ways to plant more forest trees.

Iona is raising funds in a collaborative campaign Life, Soles and Precious Trees with us – a concept that is addressing the impacts of climate change by planting out indigenous forest trees.

“Roughly, my start up company’s mantra is taking on new challenges for a better tomorrow. I believe in sustainability, it’s our shared belief. It’s the balance between our ethical responsibilities and actions.” ~ Iona Nyandoro 

Life Soles and Precious Trees

Life, Soles and Precious Trees is our Community Upliftment and Environmental Program: The health of our natural environment and that of the communities we live in are greatly challenged. Ongoing climate change concerns and covid-19 have highlighted the need to address individual health within communities and the health of our natural environment.  This component of our business is completely non-profit based and our Environment & Community Upliftment vision and mission (Life, Soles and Precious Trees) relies on funding and donations for its success.

Much needs to be done in terms of addressing climate change challenges and its associated effect on South Africa as well as the vast imbalances that currently exist in and very evident across the poorer communities of Cape Town.

Our program is geared towards assisting the natural reforestation of one of our few natural forest biomes in SouthAfrica. This Program is in partnership with Precious Tree Project (PTP)– a Wilderness-based non-profit organisation with the vision of planting our 1 000 000 indigenous and endemic trees in the Garden Route. We are in a lifelong partnership with PTP to help them achieve their vision of a million trees as well as the socio economic regenerative development of the Garden Route community since the planting out of indigenous trees is also a vehicle to provide jobs for the local unemployed youth in the area and promote local economic development through PTP’s mini satellite nursery program.

Iona is on a mission to raise R250 000.00 for this fundraiser

LifexSoles took the pledge to address climate change and set an ambitious goal to join Precious Tree Project on their mission to planting a million trees. The strategy of the reforestation program involves planting indigenous bio-mimicked endemic forest patches in the Garden Route – home to one of our few natural forest biomes. Assisting the natural regeneration of our Garden Route forests goes a long way in cleaning up our air, water & soils, restoring biodiversity in the area, creating a haven for our natural wildlife and growing a ”carbon sink” as the forests mature.

Make a Donation / Sponsor Trees

All donations and sponsorships towards Iona’s Life, Soles and Precious Trees initiative will go directly to Precious Tree Project. The amount sponsored towards this initiative is completely up to yourself and your available budget. In order for admin at Precious Tree Project to correctly allocate your donation, please make sure you use the correct reference number when making your donation via EFT or Payfast. 

Reference: LIFEXSOLES plus Name and Surname

Make a direct payment (EFT)
Bank: FNB
Account Type: Cheque / Transmission
Branch Code: 250655
Account Number: 62764154648

To make a recurring donation through the lifespan of the project simply click here to set up the details, using the LIFEXSOLES reference number and your name.

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