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The Breath of Giving and Receiving

breathe of giving and receiving precious tree project tree planting gift a tree

Lindsay Durham gifted her longtime and special friend, Clairabella, an Outeniqua Yellowwood for her 80th birthday. As a surprise, she also organised with Precious Tree Project that Clairabella get to plant her gift out in our Wilderness Heights Wildlife Corridor.

This is the beautiful and heartfelt message captured by Lindsay in the video below.

Thank you for your encouraging words and wisdom!


By gifting a tree you are helping us not only to assist the natural reforestation process along the Garden Route and all the direct and indirect benefits that it comes with, but you are also choosing a Gift on behalf of another that has a low environmental impact too. We have selected 11 of our favourite endemic forest tree species for you to choose from to sponsor in honour / celebration of a loved one, which will be planted out with a range of other species, in bio-mimicked indigenous forest patches that emulate the natural forest biome of the area.

If you would like to sponsor a tree for a loved one click here to gift a tree.

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Hoekwil Primary School Centenary Celebration


Hoekwil Primary school recently turned 100 years and in order to celebrate this huge milestone, Precious Tree Project, the staff, the school learners, their moms, dads and grandparents spent a day greening up the school by planting 100 indigenous trees and a large variety of shrubs around the school grounds.

We started the day with a short interactive group session on the importance of indigenous plants and trees – for animal, insect and humankind – then gave a quick demonstration on how to plant a tree to give it the best chance of survival.

A big thank you to all those who pitched up and pitched in to make the event such a memorable one for all.

And thank you to the school groundsmen and those school learners who have offered to maintain the trees and plants while they take root!

Click here if you would like to sponsor an indigenous forest tree OR you can go to

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Fly … Plant … Offset!

Wilderness Heights Wildlife Corridor 23 April 2022 Precious Tree Project

We were delighted to have one of our international sponsors join in on our monthly planting session held in the wildlife corridor in April. She got to see the progress made on our Wilderness Heights Wildlife Corridor, where the majority of her donated trees over the past 5 years have been planted out. The importance of assisted reforestation became evident to her as she was guided through the corridor.

Allowing the forest to naturally re-establish itself is the optimal choice, but the poor quality of the soil (as a result of the presence of Pines, Blackwoods and Wattles), rapid reappearance of invasive saplings, climate change and associated extremes weather patterns all retard the regrowth and regeneration process.

Planting out a range of forest tree species that emulate the forest biome is our method of assisting the reforestation process and precipitating growth and the restoration of biodiversity in the area.

Thank you Monika for your ongoing support and our Very Important Planters for theirs.
We could not do this without you all!

If you would like to support our ongoing efforts of assisted regeneration of our wildlife corridors, click on the following link:

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Rounds of Fun

wilderness summer beach volleyball challenge precious tree project

The Wilderness Beach Volleyball Team Challenge started as a summer event in December 2017 to raise funds to plant out a bio-mimicked forest patch in our Wilderness Heights Wildlife Corridor. The event has gained popularity over the past five years, having developed into an annual summer fundraiser on Leentjies Klip Beach in Wilderness. A once-a-year event, however, hasn’t quite satiated the locals’ appetites for serious volleyball and the requests to hold the event more regularly have been rolling in. In collaboration with Backline Lounge Bar and Corona Lite, to quench this thirst, we held an End of Summer Beach Volleyball Challenge on the 20th of March.

The passion for the game was evident in the high spirits of all the participants, where the standard of play and level of skill were the highest yet. Although there can only be one winning team to claim the winning spot on the day, everyone felt like winners having the knowledge that their participation alone equates to a bio-mimicked forest patch planted out in one of our local wildlife corridors.

Event Winners: One Family
Event Runners Up: The Assassins (Summer Challenge Title Holders three consecutive years in a row)

The Precious Tree Project Team would like to extend a huge thank you to the local volleyball players who consistently pitch up; sponsor a tree as their entry fee and play for the forests. It was rounds of fun! Watch this space for the next round of our Beach Volleyball Team Challenge!

If you would like to sponsor an indigenous South African forest tree or gift-a-Tree to a loved one and help the ongoing expansion of our wildlife corridors, simply click here OR you can go to

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Play, Plant, Love

Play, Plant, Love - Precious Tree Project

Playing for Trees is one of our popular fundraising platforms to raise money to plant out trees. In September 2021, Precious Tree Project collaborated with Denneberghof Country Estate Events and held our “You & Your Plus 1” Spring sports challenge at their beautiful venue, located between Victoria Bay and Wilderness. The proceeds received from this event were raised to plant out a small bio-mimicked forest patch of indigenous trees on the property, where efforts to rehabilitate the land are on the go. On the 19th of February 2022, a group of our VIPs (very important planters) got together to plant them out. The ownership now rests with the landowners to maintain them carefully until they have taken root.

The Precious Tree Project would like to thank everyone involved in this project: those who played for trees, those who planted out trees and those at Denneberghof who have committed to maintain them with love while they ground themselves in their new home.

Thank you SHOMON for the use of your original soundtrack “Feels so Right”!

If you would like to sponsor an indigenous forest tree to our wildlife corridors, click here OR you can go to

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Competing for 1st Place .. playing for Trees

Beach Volleyball Challenge 27 December 2021 Precious Tree Project

Our annual Summer Beach Volleyball Team Challenge that we hold each December gains popularity every year. The standard of play and the level of skill simply get better each year. While the teams certainly “upped their games”, none were able to beat the current title holders of the Challenge.

The Winners were (in three consecutive years of play): The Assassins.
The Runners Up: The Sandy Sacks (next time fellas).

A Big Thank You To:
everyone who entered the challenge,
the refs,
the sponsor – SOGA Organic,
Wilderness BeachHouse Backpackers,
the supporters on the side,
the photographers behind the camera.

If you would like to support our ongoing efforts of assisted regeneration of our forest biome and our wildlife corridors, click here!

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Hey ho, hey ho … Off to plant we go …

Libertas Guest Farm Wildlife Corridor - Precious Tree Project

We started working on a section of this Wildlife Corridor running through Libertas Guest Farm in the earlier part of 2021. Most of the “alien management” of the corridor running though the farm is undertaken by the landowners themselves, but the ongoing task of restoring lengthy tracks of land to its former natural glory can be an unrelenting challenge. The primary invasive species dominating the corridor are black wattle, lantana and bugweed. In addition to being invasive, these species are particularly fast-growers. As a prime wildlife corridor (and currently monitored with cameras by NMMU students), PTP jumped in to help clear the giant bugweed and to boost the reforestation process with endemic forest tree species that are great sources of food for the wildlife too.

A BIG thank you to Dr Morley for his tree-cycling project and FAGRON SA for the sponsorship of 75 endemic forest trees that we planted out.

Click here if you would like to sponsor an indigenous forest tree to our wildlife corridors OR you can go to

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Art for Nature – Artist: Irma de Waal

Art For Nature” is an avenue for us to raise awareness around, and bring exposure to some pretty amazing artists residing in the Garden Route area. Irma de Waal, donated artwork to PTP to help us raise funds and plant millions of indigenous trees!!

Irma de Waal

“A painting is a gift that lasts a lifetime!”

About the Artist

Irma de Waal lives and works as a full-time artist in the Wilderness, Southern Cape. She completed her BA FINE ARTS Degree at the University of Stellenbosch in 1975, majoring in the Art of Painting and the History of Art. Irma is from Africa and therefore shares the rhythm and the pulse of the people and the warmth and the vibrancy of the colours that is so unique to this continent.

“Using colours and shapes, I do not wish to depict a realistic image of my subject, but rather create a feeling of nostalgia and remembrance.”

Her source of inspiration reflects in the magnitude of the outstretched landscapes of our country – from the abandoned farmhouses in the Free State to the white- washed fisherman’s cottages all along the coastline of the Western Cape.

The houses and buildings of the Malay Quarters in Cape Town and the colourful structures and homes from several informal settlements are also challenging concepts she loves to paint.

More recently Irma’s interest in the humbling magic of the Karoo became prominent in her paintings. The sense of space and silence amongst the craggy hills of the Karoo landscape drew Irma’s attention to the small towns or “dorpies”, where the original Settler’s architecture and a distinctly “Karoo” way of life inspired her work in a charming fashion.

Irma’s unique ability to paint these landscapes often includes the sensitive presence of individuals involved in their daily activities that is prominent to the area on which the painting focuses.

She paints in a modern-abstract way; elongating and distorting the perspective of buildings and subjects to slanted forms and angles with fine lines that reminds of architectural drawings.

Irma uses oil paints on high quality stretched canvas, applying the paint with bold brush strokes and palette-knives.

Art for Nature

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Art for Nature – Artist: Ninette Steyl

Art For Nature” is an avenue for us to raise awareness around, and bring exposure to some pretty amazing artists residing in the Garden Route area. Ninette Steyl, donated artwork to PTP to help us raise funds and plant millions of indigenous trees!!

“I am Ninette Steyl and the founder and artist of The Dune Art. I live in the most beautiful part of South Africa – Wilderness in the Garden Route. I love to capture the emotions and depth through light and colour. The way the light falls, the movement in people’s eyes and the stillness of natural beauty, inspires me.

I partly studied Visual Arts at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. Life happened and I became a mother of 3, leaving no time or room for art. Over the years I attended classes at different private teaching artists, who inspired my confidence and nurtured trust in my creativity.

My chosen mediums are oil painting, pencil sketching, watercolour, and lately … loose-mixed media, this is my favourite self-expression. Important to me, is to bring depth into my artwork by striving to portray some emotion, or different dimensions. My topics range from realistic still life’s and portraits to landscapes and abstract works. I love experimenting with colour and texture.

Bringing the beauty of light into people’s homes at a particular moment through beauty and expression, is what my journey of self-discovery brought out … Finally I am living my passion.

My biggest commission was doing 50 paintings for a very exclusive Altzheimers retirement village in Bryanston, Johannesburg.”

Art for Nature

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The Gift of Gifting a Precious Tree

The Gift of Gifting a Precious Tree - Precious Tree Project

Gifting a tree to a loved one as a birthday present, wedding gift or any other ceremonial and remembrance occasion is becoming more popular with our followers. Our ability to continuously assist with the ongoing reforestation of the Wilderness Heights Wildlife Corridor is a result of the support we receive every time you gift a tree in honour of your loved ones.

The Precious Tree Project Team says thank you!

Click here if you would like to sponsor an indigenous forest tree to our wildlife corridors OR you can go to